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    Welcome to Lake Macquarie Decking Co

    Our decking contractors have installed beautifully designed outdoor decks to commercial and residential areas in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

    From the word go, we are customer focussed – supplying you a free quote for your project, designing or redesigning your decking layout, helping you select the right decking materials, installing your decking boards up until its completion.

    Our decking services include timber decking and composite decking. Each has its own unique set of features. For a more classic, rustic look to your outdoor space, timber decking is the best choice. On the other hand, composite decking is for a more contemporary approach in elevating your outdoor space. Our specialists can walk you through what options will suit your needs best.

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    To ensure our clients that their decking project becomes a success, we only use the best quality of materials and services, coupled with the use of our cutting-edge technology to ensure that the installation process is executed in the most efficient manner possible.

    Our comprehensive decking services are fuelled by our goal to satisfy and even exceed the expectations of our clients. Today, there are two materials for decking boards that are commonly used – timber and wood-alternative or composite.

    Each material possesses its own set of features that are appropriate for the requirements of a client. Your needs and style dictate whether you are into timber decking for that timeless effect or composite decking for that contemporary touch.

    Timber Decking
    Timber Decking

    Timber or wood has gained popularity for outdoor decking boards as it gives your outdoor space that vintage look. Moreover it doesn’t require enhancements because it becomes more beautiful as it ages. To further broaden your options, timber wood can either be softwood or hardwood.

    Each material has its own set of functionalities that may fit your decking preferences. The choice of material you make establishes not only the aesthetic aspect of your outdoor space, but also the degree of durability. Determining the features of each material will give you an overview in the selection process.

    decking services Lake Macquarie
    Timber Decking Lake Macquarie

    Below are some important things you need to know:


    Softwood is made from fast-growing trees which make it easier to process. When it comes to design possibilities, softwood decking boards can be stained to the color of your liking making it easily adaptable to almost all decking designs.

    In terms of durability and longevity, they are the least among the others in the market. However, cost-wise, softwood is the cheaper option in the market, making it a friendlier option for your budget.


    As opposed to softwood, hardwood comes from slow-growing trees, making it harder to process. As for durability, hardwood is composed of a hard core and a complex structure which makes it a highly durable material.

    For the aesthetic aspect of this material, it creates this warm look when installed in your garden, patio, or backyard. In terms of cost, it is pricier than softwood. Of course, you need to factor in the durability and longevity that it guarantees. Hardwood decking boards are usually made from iroko, teak, ipe and cumaru.

    Composite Decking
    Composite Decking

    Made from wood fibers and recycled plastics, alternative wood or composite decking boards make an eco-friendly option for your decking needs. Composite decking boards compete well against hardwood decking boards when it comes to durability and aesthetics. This is due to the fact that it can withstand harsh outdoor elements, and that it comes in different finishes and styles.

    Because composite decking boards house a mix of wood and plastics, they may not entirely have that natural wood look that hardwood has. However, when it comes to safety, it is a smart choice if you have kids and pets at home.

    The Best Decking Supplies and Services Come from the Best Provider

    If you are at a standstill about what to do next after fully deciding on having a deck installed in your outdoor space, then Lake Macquarie Decking Co is the best place to go.

    Our decking supplies and services are only the best in the market for all your decking needs. Our professional deck installers in Lake Macquarie, NWC Australia will be there from the beginning up until the completion of your project.

    For a free quote from us, reach out to our decking specialists today.

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    beautiful composite decking design
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    Pool Deck

    Pool Decking

    At Lake Macquarie Decking Co, our decking contractors are highly skilled in designing and installing a wide range of outdoor living and entertainment constructs, including pool decks. Our team of pool deck builders in Lake Macquarie can build pool decking that accommodates your needs and budget. This can include swimming pool landscaping if necessary such as stairs, handrails,  as well as water features, plants, and materials such as rocks.

    Enhance Your Pool and Outdoor Areas

    Our pool deck builders can improve the appearance of your swimming pool and its surroundings, and is a great way to make it safe for your kids to run around bare foot. Regulations state that you must also have a fence around your pool, so this must be taken into account, and is something we can assist with if necessary.

    Geelong Pergolas


    Pergolas are roofless constructs that can bring shade and character to your home and garden. It can bring a fantastic sense of atmosphere to any space, and are most commonly built of new or recycled timber, steel or aluminium or concrete.

    Pergolas are functional in that they make garden maintenance less stressful, and they increase your outdoor entertaining space year-round.

    A pergola can be freestanding or attached to your home, therefore you will need to consider how much sun or shade you want on the patio, as this will determine the roof beam materials and the overall design and structure of the pergola.

    Pergola design
    Verandah design
    Geelong Pergolas


    Verandahs can be a cost-effective and attractive way to add space and value to your home. Unlike a pergola, a verandah is a roofed outdoor extension to your home that can be attached or free standing.

    The best thing about adding a verandah to your home is that it extends the usable outdoor living space and gives you perfect protection from harsh elements of NSW! Why not transform your outdoor space and turn your patio into a the perfect spot for family and friend get togethers.

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    FAQs about Decking

    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    How do you maintain your outdoor deck?

    Depending on the type of decking material you have, each has its way of maintaining it. In order to be sure, follow the tips and suggestions of your deck installer or that of the decking board manufacturer.

    Usually, light cleaning agents are used to avoid damaging the surface of the decking board. To be extra safe, you need to always check for any cracks and scratches on the surface. If they do exist, repair them immediately to avoid accidents and injuries.

    How long does it take to complete a decking installation?

    For a 15- square meter outdoor area, it may usually take 1 to 2 days to complete the project. This would be a different matter if your area has an existing installation or requires deep cleaning before installation. In such a case, you would expect more days to finish the project. Moreover, the number of people manning the installation and the equipment used can also affect the time of completion.

    How long will your outdoor decking last?

    The answer to this would depend heavily on the type of your decking board material. If your softwood decking board underwent proper treatment, it can last you at least 15 years. For the mod durable decking materials like hardwood, they can usually last you more than 15 years.

    How much does it cost decking installation?

    In Australia, the cost of decking installation will cost you between $3,400 to 6,500.

    However, the cost depends on several factors such as the choice of decking material and the prevailing conditions of your outdoor space.

    Opting for hardwood deck boards can significantly cost you more than softwood. The cost of the material is usually premised on the difficulty of installing the material, the durability, and longevity.

    Which type of decking material is the best – composite or timber?

    Composite and timber are both great choices for outdoor decks, garden decks or patio decks. Each of them, however, has its own unique set of features that distinguishes them. Hardwood, for instance, is used for its superior durability and classic look. When it comes to the cost, it is heavy on the pockets.

    On the other hand, composite decking boards are more versatile when it comes to design possibilities. When it comes to the cost, it is cheaper than timber, depending on the variety of composite decking boards you choose. Composite decking boards can either be capped polymer or capped composite.

    Can you install a decking yourself?

    Yes, it has been done before. This is usually true in cases where removal of the pavers will cost the owner more. In constructing a decking over an installed paver, it is important that the legs of the decking are deeply and securely placed on the ground and on the paver. This is to prevent the shifting of the decking in the long run.

    Which is cheaper – decking or pavers?

    Paving and decking are excellent ways to improve your outdoor space. The cost of decking, however, is way cheaper. Also, decking installation is easier to do as it takes at least 1 to 2 days to finish.

    Decking - Is it for you?

    Usually, residential and commercial business owners in Lake Macquarie, decking is becoming popular for them mainly because of the features and comfort it provides.

    Before you settle on a decision, it is crucial that you are aware of the features you want to incorporate for your outdoor space. Here are reasons why an outdoor deck installation is needed in your garden, patio or backyard: 

    • It provides an extension of your living room for get-together and parties.
    • It adds beauty to your outdoor space.
    • It increases the value of your home.
    • It makes your house look bigger.
    • It is a comfortable place to stay during summer.
    • It requires little to no maintenance.
    • It gives your garden or outdoor space a safer surface to walk on.
    • It is a safe place for children and pets to play at.

    Everything you need to know about outdoor decking installations is available here at Lake Macquarie Decking Co. Our quality materials and services are made to fit the needs and preferences of our clients in residential and commercial areas inLake Macquarie, NSW Australia and in areas nearby.

    Your ideas are always heard when you choose us. Now is your chance to make your dream outdoor decking come to life, and it starts with us. What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and call our professional deck builders.

    With Lake Macquarie Decking Co, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

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