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Timber deck with garden stones

Lake Macquarie Decking Co has been in the decking industry for several years. Our company’s goal is focused on providing the best decking installation materials and services to our clients in residential and commercial areas in Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia. Even now, our efforts have always been focussed on becoming the best one-stop shop for homeowners and business owners.

If you are someone who plans to construct well-designed and reasonably priced outdoor decking, then Lake Macquarie Decking Co is the best place for all your decking installation needs.

Here at Lake Macquarie Decking Co, our services are comprehensive so that it can provide you with maintenance and repairs for your outdoor decking. Our team of professional deck builders is more than willing to help you make your dream outdoor decking come to life.

From the moment you hire us, we will be with you every step of the installation process until its completion. Our services include giving free quotation, designing or redesigning your layout, picking out the right material, installing the decking boards until your decking project is complete.

How long your decking board lasts will depend on several factors such as the choice of material, methods of installation and cleaning essentials for maintenance used. During post-installation, the maintenance procedures are usually shifted to the owner and all else will be entirely up to the decking company. However, with us, we will still cover maintenance and repair costs for you.

We, at Lake Macquarie Decking Co, are well aware that some people might be constrained with their budget or that some people would rather take the risk of installing their own decking. That may not be entirely true. Hiring professional deck builders like us can actually help you spend your budget wisely or better yet, save you more from expenses.

Below are more reasons why you should hire expert deck builders:

  • Our materials are top-grade.

Our decking boards are made from the best quality materials manufactured by the best decking board producers. This is our way of making sure that our clients only get what they deserve. Moreover, our materials are very sustainable and eco-friendly.


  • Our services are top-notch.

As a safe practice and to ensure security, our services are always rendered in accordance to the local regulations and industry standards. Also, the methods we employ are properly executed for the safety of our clients.


  • Our decking services are customized.

We always give importance to our client’s budget. To do this, our services are customised to match their budget and requirements without cutting short on the quality of our products and services. Also, to be on the same page with our clients, we always listen to their ideas.


  • Our professional deck builders are trained and experienced.

We are trained to be qualified, and they have had many experiences in deck installation. We ensure you that they always do the task right the first time. This is so because we don’t allow any room for errors. Also, the cutting-edge technology of our tools allows us to provide services in the most efficient way.


  • Our prices are reasonable.

As we have emphasized, we respect the budget of our clients. So, our products and services come at reasonable prices. To be consistent, we guarantee you that we won’t charge hidden fees or costs against your bill.

Don’t wait for tomorrow when you can call us now. Allow us in Lake Macquarie Decking Co to build your dream outdoor deck.

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