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If you desire that your outdoor deck looks natural, then timber decking boards are recommended for you. In commercial and residential areas located in Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia and in neighbouring areas, timber has gained popularity for having that distinct rustic look. In addition to that, timber gives off this classic feel to your patio, garden or backyard. This can be done with the right treatments and finishes.

The most common types of timber decking board are softwood and hardwood; each of which possesses its own functionality. Here at Lake Macquarie Decking Co, we have all the best equipment and tools for the right treatment and installation for softwood and hardwood decking boards.

Our professional deck builders are always ready to help you pick out the type of timber wood that’s most suitable to your requirements. However, it is crucial that you weigh the pros against the cons of each material. Below are points that can help you choose between the two timber decking materials:



  • Sustainable Materia It is a sustainable option as it is made from trees that grow fast.
  • Cheap. It is priced the cheapest among the other decking materials, making it friendlier to your budget.
  • Hassle-Free Installation. It is easy to handle and install as it is lightweight.
  • Compatibility with Strips and Slips. It is compatible with strips such as Q-Grip Strips and slip-resistant slips.
  • Color Finishes. It is available in different finishes and textures.
  • Maintenance. It requires more maintenance depending on the treatments.
  • Less Durability. Its density is lower, making it less durable than hardwood.
  • Poor Longevity. It may be used as a short-term solution for some.
  • Not Resistant to Heavy Traffic. It is not suited if your outdoor space is subjected to heavy traffic.


At Lake Macquarie Decking Co, we offer our customers who choose softwood material a 15-year warranty for damages that might be caused by insect attacks, stubborn moulds, and fungus as part of our service package.



  • Harder Core. It is made from slow-growing trees, making its core more stable and harder.
  • Withstands Outdoor Elements. It is superior in quality; it withstand outdoor conditions, harsh elements and heavy traffic.
  • Unique Style. It is unique as it preserves that natural look of wood.
  • Design Flexibility. It can adapt to almost all designs as it comes in different stains and styles.
  • Superior Durability. It is significantly more durable and tougher than other decking board materials.
  • Difficulty Installation. It is more difficult to handle and install because it weighs heavier than other materials.
  • Significantly More Expensive. It is more expensive than other deck board materials.
  • Regular Maintenance. It needs regular maintenance to preserve its natural appearance.
  • Harder To Process. Its material is more difficult to process as its structure is more complex.


Our team of professionals at Lake Macquarie Decking Co is always on-the-go if you ever decide to finally make that big decision to construct your dream outdoor decking.

Together, let us work hand in hand to build the most beautiful outdoor decking you have never seen before. Call our professional decking installers today for a free quote.


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